Please note: While the item for sale is officially pick-up only, the person helping me list all of the available pictures can be bribed to disassemble, transport, and curbside deliver the item for a fee of $1.00 a mile (both ways) with a minimum fee of $200.  The only caveat is that he has to be able to drive there with his vehicle to the location. Please note, he does not have a passport.  Some assembly required, void where prohibited, batteries not included.  If the one-way drive is required to more than 8 hours, then a motel stay will also be required. Mileage, and times, are to be calculated by Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App. To be paid through PayPal before starting. 

The above tool listing all pictures made all of the images as landscape.  Turning all of the portrait photos sideways.  To save your neck the important photos that has to be in portrait format are listed below.

Because you want the best!

This is a lab station which is to be auctioned on eBay.  For communication, and bidding,  please go to the website

There will be other items from the lab also for sale, but do not have too many photos for eBay to be included.

Here are links to those items:


Hi-Mo Lab Station